Glass Sculpting


14 000 

13–18/7 2020



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Goal of teaching in this class is the motivation and development of creativity of participants of this class during forming glass in its cold state – coldwork, understanding the principle of glass grinding and finding efficient procedures. During the class, participants will understand and make a use of principles of creativity during the individual approach of the instructor to students and even to advanced creators in order to get the originality of expression. From selected blocks /boulders/ of cold glass will participants of the class together with instructor form their own glass sculpture with the use of diamond saw, horizontal and vertical grinding machines, flexible grinders, but also cutting glass with widia chisel and hammer, just like in stonesculpting. In order to achieve and support the glass expression, we will be familiarized with effective methods of forming, fining and polishing. The surface on the other hand will be dealt with using various tools and grindstones. A necessary instrument of the communication, an instrument of the inspiration and final expression will be a picture in all phases of the procedure.

Profile of the Instructor:

Vladimir Klein (born 1950) studied Střední uměleckoprůmyslová sklářská (Artistic-industrial high school of glassworking) in Kamenický Šenov and then Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová (Artistic-industrial college of glassworking) at Prague with prof. Stanislav Libenský. Then, at Střední uměleckoprůmyslová sklářská in Kamenický Šenov he taught  glass grinding for nine years and was a headmaster for five years. For four years, he taught cold techniques in Toyama institue of glass art TIGA in Japan and for eight years worked as a leading designer in Crystalex in Nový Bor. He taught at summer courses in IKA Mechelen in Belgium, Bildwerk Frauenau in Germany, Glass Furnace in Istambul and in Studio in Corning in USA. He received many awards from international competitions for his glass sculptures from optic glass, realized several individual exhibitions in Czech Republic and even in foreign countries and participated in many group exhibitions. His works are in domestic and foreign public museum collections and are characteristic for its splendid craft and for its emphasis on beauty and quality of glass material. He lives and works in Nový Bor.