All the classes are going on Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with an hour lunch break. A supplementary activity is prepared for every day after 6 p.m. (e.g. the free workshop time in which participants can continue in their work until 9 p.m., (lectures, commented visit of the exhibition etc.). The studios are opened on Monday – Thursday until 9 p.m. The education ends on Friday at 3 p.m. with following cleaning the studios.

Each participant of the class will receive the complete class schedule on the first day. The instructors can change the schedule if necessary. In case of classes longer than a week weekend activities can be arranged – trips around Sázava and to Prague. It is also possible to arrange for visits of sport centres.



The individual classes are filled gradually according to their registration and payment term to the full capacity

The price of all classes includes the reimbursement of use of machines, tools and materials necessary for passing the actual class. It includes also a basic volume of glass semi-products. The volume will be given for each class individually and each class participant will be informed about it at the class beginning. The extent of employing the means is decided by the instructor together with the Centre.

The costs of transport, accommodation and boarding are covered by the participants themselves and they are not included in the class payment.


Each participant registered already in the moment of the full class would be added to the waiting list. The information on it will be send by mail. The waiting lists are based on the date of registrations received. In case of a full class the participant will be offered another class no later than 30 days before the date of opening of the class he was interested in.


If you cancel your participation in a class 30 days before the date of its beginning you will get compensation in the sum of 70% of the total class price.

If you cancel your participation in a class in a time shorter than 30 days but not more than 14 days before its opening you will get 50% of the total class price.

No compensation for cancellation of the participation in the time shorter than 14 days before opening the class is permitted!

In case of a cancellation of the class by the Centre the participant will receive 100% of the class – minus the fee for bank transfer.

There are no exceptions of the system of the cancellation fees.

Please notice that all classes have their given minimum and maximum participation. If a class is cancelled due because of being not full the participants will be informed and offered with another class of the same price.

The Art Glass Centre is not responsible for non-returnable and already paid air tickets.

If you want to cancel a class send kindly e-mail including the basic information (your name and surname, the name of the class, the term, the sum paid on) to


No later than 30 days before opening the class all registered participants will receive email confirming the holding / not holding the class.


By paying for the class, the class participants undertakes to respect the safety regulations of the Centre. The participant will be informed of these regulations (health and safety at work, the fire evacuation plan, safety in the Centre spaces) on the first day of the class and will sign a declaration on the fact

Foreign class participants must have a valid contracted travel insurance including medical expenses, accident and the liability for injury.

Czech class participants must have a valid contracted accident insurance and the liability for injury.

Students under 18 who want to participate in a class must either have a permit – permission of parents with their participation and with their free movement out of the officially given working hours during the class or have supervision provided (parent or a pedagogical supervision). Within the class holding the underage students must respects instructions of instructors and the Centre workers.


The reason of classes is no provision of technologies and spaces for a commercial manufacture (e.g. of promotional items, prototypes of utility designs for further small-lot or serial production etc.).

CESTY SKLA, o.p.s. reserve the right to use photos and videos made during classes for their own promotional materials and information. If the participant disagree with the publication of such materials he is required to notify the class mentor of the fact or to inform him within 14 days after finishing the class to In such a case no personnel character data of the participant will be used.